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Long Branch is located at the southwest edge of Toronto, a gateway community stretching along the beautiful waterfront area from Marie Curtis Park at 43rd Streets to Humber College at 22nd Street.

With new developments being built along Lakeshore Boulevard and other bold business initiatives this area is transforming into another trendy neighbourhood.

From here you can easily access several major highways, two Go Transit train stations, TTC streetcars and the Toronto International Airport.

The “Village” is also equipped with many fine attributes; there are many recreational and sport facilities in the area, including a new four pad hockey arena being built on Kipling Avenue just two blocks north of the Lakeshore.

Also in the area, there is a public library, four elementary schools, two secondary schools and several places of worship. In addition to many small and large parks, residents also enjoy traveling the Waterfront Trail and events at the Assembly Hall, art centres, a vibrant shopping district, full of eclectic mix of shops, restaurants and professional services.

The Long Branch BIA has been improving the streetscape over the last fifteen or more years. They have added custom lamp posts, four seasonal banners, beautiful large planter boxes, new street signs and trash receptacles.

Together with the City of Toronto, the BIA narrowed Lakeshore a few years ago. This helped to calm the leapfrog traffic situation and brought the very wide boulevard closer together.

They are hoping to expand the BIA boundary west from Long Branch Avenue to Marie Curtis Park . With the help of the expansion area businesses, good developers, Toronto Economic Development and local Councillor, the improvements will present a more attractive image and should boost the morale business prospects.

The Long Branch BIA takes great pride in the ongoing process of making this neighbourhood a better place to live, work, shop, visit and play. Every day, in some small way, they are making a difference. They encourage residents tp join in the efforts to improve the look and feel of the community.

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